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Guards Digital Stream 1 - Watch a match of a Guards of Atlantis 2 online 2v2

Guards Digital is a quick and elegant way of playing the critically acclaimed board game Guards of Atlantis 2 online.

Guards Digital is played with 4-10 players, team vs team, zero luck, and 100% cutthroat. Just like Guards of Atlantis 2, the board game by Wolff Designa.

Play Guards of Atlantis II online for free with your friends today:

Your friends join using your match link. No installation is neccessery.

If you want to see more about Guards Digital, watch the video above to see a casted Guards Digital 2v2 match up with the 4 base heroes Tigerclaw, Brogan, Wasp, Arien.

The handcrafted interface makes each match a blast

Guards Digital Interface Concept Screenshot

Guards Digital interface is designed over many iterations to be easy to use while being quick enough for you to react with speed in the heat of a blitz game. All relevant information is displayed directly on each hero, so you can focus on the board during the turns.

Talk with your teammates during your Guards of Atlantis 2 match

Playing Guards Digital is highly cooperative. Use a voice chat to discuss strategy with your teammates during the rounds. In Guards Digital players can talk to each other in separate voice channels. Talking during the round is the only rule change to the board game. All other rules are the same as in Guards of Atlantis 2. Playing Guards of Atlantis 2 online has never been as interactive.

Set the timekeeper for your Guards of Atlantis 2 game

Choose the timing rules for your game. Guards Digital ensures equal timing for all players. Whether you want to play strategically with multiple minutes each turn, or a quick blitz game with only seconds to decide. The timer in Guards Digital lets you control the pacing of your matches. Playing Guards of Atlantis 2 online has never been as quick.

Engaged player community

Guards Digital Stream 3 - Watch a match of Guards of Atlantis 2 online 3v3

Regular games between players in the community let you find matching opponents. Guards of Atlantis 2 is zero luck and skill base. Stay tuned to see how the play styles of each hero evolve. Watch the casted Guards Digital 3v3 mirror match of Tigerclaw, Brogan, Wasp. The caster mode enables the streamers to see and comment on everything that is happening in the game.

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Wolff Designa Logo - the makers of the Guards of Atlantis board game through Kickstarter

Endorsed by Wolff Designa

Visit the official Guards of Atlantis 2 Kickstarter page to learn more about the original board game. Thanks to Wolff Designa for creating such a great board game and for the support.

About the Guards of Atlantis 2 board game by Wolff Designa

In Summer 2020 the Guards of Atlantis 2 board game got crowdfunded by Wolff Designa with 2259 backers on the Kickstarter.

Best Aspects of the Guards of Atlantis board game

  • Full player agency. Nothing is left to chance. No dice to roll. No decks to shuffle.

  • Almost no downtime!

  • Asymmetry and Replayability in spades! Playing a different hero is like playing an entirely new game.

  • Team vs team. Everything depends on how well you can coordinate with your teammates. Supports large player counts.

  • Epic memorable plays and last-moment comebacks. The stakes rise as the game progresses, making sure everyone is engaged until the end

  • Easy to learn but hard to master! All the complexity comes from interactions of the abilities of the heroes, keeping the core rules relatively simple.

Guards of Atlantis board game review awards:

Guards of Atlantis game review awards
  • Honorable Mention Best Game of 2017
    "It just wowed me with its simplicity, elegant design, and very innovative approach"
    Efka, No Pun Included
  • Seal of Excellence Top 3 Best 2v2 Games
    "It's very fun, I've enjoyed it a lot. I am very glad to see that they are coming out with a second edition."
    Sam Healey, The Dice Tower
  • Top 3 Best Game of 2017
    "Brilliant strategy game. The best team-play dynamics of any game I've played."
    Mark Bigney, So Very Wrong About Games
  • Medal of Excellence Top 9 of All Time
    "Guards of Atlantis is an incredible encapsulation of a MOBA in board game form. It captures the energy and tactics of the genre and tactics of the genre, recreates a lot of the essential systems while streamlining the overhead into slick and simple card play."
    Neilan, Board Game Barrage